About Us

iFAST is Asia’s leading online investment platform for independent financial intermediaries, DIY investors, financial institutions and multi-national companies. We are an internet-based investment products distribution platform and we have our roots back in Singapore where we started in 2000. iFAST Corporation is a listed company on the Singapore Stock Exchange with presence in Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia and China.

iFAST Financial India Pvt. Ltd. was started in 2008 in the midst of the Global Financial Crisis. In spite of the challenging environment, we believe in the long term growth of India and in doing what is right for our clients in good and bad times.

Our focus is to help the independent financial intermediaries to scale efficiently and effectively. We provide a comprehensive range of services that include investment administration and transactions services, IT solutions, compliance support, funds and markets research and investment trainings. We help advisers to manage their business efficiently so that they can focus on building enduring client relationships.

We believe in empowering financial advisers who want to be part of the Digital Revolution. Our solutions are designed to support any wealth adviser who wants to transform his business into a scalable, online and compliant model. We believe that the future belongs to the adviser who puts the client’s interest first and is able to provide wealth solutions seamlessly online. From the fee-based adviser to the commissions-only distributor, we have proven solutions for everyone.

Every initiative and solution starts with the client in mind: Is the client better off in the long term?

We are building a community of like-minded professionals who share similar values and beliefs.

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Fair Dealing

iFAST is committed to sustainable business practices that are supported by a range of initiatives. For iFAST, fair dealing is about conducting our business in a transparent and ethical way that enhances value for all of our stakeholders and delivers fair dealing outcomes to our customers. Fair dealing is central to iFAST and the senior management and the board of iFAST are committed to aligning the direction of iFAST with fair dealing outcomes to all stakeholders. We recognise that this is a journey and best practice is continuously evolving.

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