I am grateful to iFAST Financial for being a great partner in helping me to build my client assets of INR 500 Million in just 15 months - all from a single desk office. With iFAST, I can completely focus on my core competencies in portfolio and client relationship management and leave all the incidental activities in their trusted hands. The iFAST experience is not just about having a world class investment platform but it is also about being part of a vibrant and well-connected community of fiduciary advisors who put their client's interest first.

Sunil Sebastian
Founder & Chief Strategist
Radiant Orchid Investments

We have been distributing mutual fund products for many years and as our business grew, it became challenging for us to scale our business without compromising on our high client service standards. After evaluating the iFAST platform, we found that it has the services and technology to meet our growing business requirements. Today, all our investments execution and management are done on iFAST. We can now expand our business seamlessly and manage our clients' investments without geographical boundaries including for the NRIs located overseas. iFAST not only gives us peace of mind with their compliance support, but also helps us to provide our services efficiently. Today our clients are a happy lot - thanks to iFAST.

Ujwal Marathe, A.C.A, D.I.S.A., CFPCM
BM Fiscal Point Advisors Pvt. Ltd.

iFAST has been a big enabler to me in enhancing my services to the next level. With their support in backend operations and compliance, I can become a true fiduciary as a Registered Investment Adviser (RIA) and focus on giving the best advice to my clients. It is not easy when regulations are constantly changing and the handholding given by iFAST to manage my practice efficiently in this environment is really commendable. In short, iFAST helps me a great deal in giving me the time to do what I love doing - being in front of my clients

Rajesh Chheda, ACA,CFP
SEBI Registered Investment Advisor
Finance Factory

iFAST platform is like a milestone in our career. Our business can be divided in 2 eras like "Before iFAST" and "With iFAST". Apart from all the wonderful routine things like ease of transactions, compliance, research and operations, we have benefitted in bigger ways. Most importantly team at iFast has mentored and enabled us to define a specific business model, with target audience who pays fees. Todays 100% of our clients are paying fees and all have benefitted immensely from our active fund management strategy.

Mukul Agrawal & Saurabh Mittal
Founding Partners
Circle Wealth Advisors

Mitraz has been using the iFAST platform for all our clients' mutual fund investments since we started 5 years ago. We have been able to scale up our wealth advisory practice because of the online capabilities of the platform and support of the iFAST Team. The team is quite receptive to candid feedback and works towards continuous enhancements on the platform. One great quality of iFAST is their passion to advance the knowledge and the quality of financial advisory in India. They very pro actively work towards organizing knowledge-building events for their partners. Thank you iFAST!

Anup Bansal
Managing Director
Mitraz Financial Services Pvt. Ltd.
SEBI Registered Investment Advisor

iFAST has been instrumental in helping us to set up our fee based advisory business and have always been way ahead than other platforms in transforming the mutual funds distribution channel to the advisory model. The management has great foresight and understands our needs very well. Their expertise and experience will continue to help us achieve scale and grow our business exponentially going forward.

Subhabrata Ghosh,CFPCM, LUTCF, IRDA, AMFI
Step Ahead Investment Advisors Pvt. Ltd.
SEBI Registered Investment Advisor