Our Research Team provides updates so that you can keep abreast of the latest developments in the markets.

The Research desk provides up to date market information that can help you take informed investment decisions.

Recommended Funds: The research desk releases its list of recommended funds at the beginning of every year and updates it regularly. The funds are selected in terms of its performance, underlying assets allocation and the investment strategies of the fund managers vis-a-vis the market outlook.

Recommended Portfolios: The Recommended Portfolios comprises of funds that are the best amongst their peer groups as reviewed, analysed and recommended by our Research Team. We research extensively and discussed deeply with the fund managers to provide detailed explanations on the basis of the recommendations.

Monthly Market Updates: The Monthly Market Update is a consolidated report that reviews the global and local outlook and markets with economic indicators, fund's performance update and asset classes update. This is done in collaboration with our global research desk that provides the latest market updates from a global perspective.

Fund Focus: From time to time, our Research desk will cover funds with interesting strategies that may be attracting investor's attention or may have the potential to do so. The Fund Focus report consists of extensive analysis on the fund with insights from fund managers, its past performance and investment strategies.

Fund Managers Interviews: The research desk conducts regular interviews with top fund managers to understand better their investment strategies and the market outlook. These interviews help investors better grasp the markets conditions.

Press and Media coverage: The research desk's views are regularly sought after by media houses namely Economic Times,, Cafe Mutual, Dalal times, Loksatta and many more. Our research team also participates in regular columns, interviews and discussions in the online media space.

Global Coverage: With our global research desk made up of analysts located in Singapore, Hong Kong Malaysia, China and India, we are in a position to provide timely analysis of financial markets and economic developments globally that can also impact on local market.

Funds Comparison: While the access to a wide range of funds is important for the wealth adviser in order to select the best and to construct a well- diversified portfolio, a large fund range can possibly be counter-productive if there are no tools available to assist in fund selection.

Apart from the research support, you will also have access to an intuitive online compare funds tool to help narrow down a select list of funds to analyze and compare.

Filtering tools help you to get to the specific funds quickly, and provides detail information that includes fund returns, 3-yr Risk Return Ratio and Sharpe Ratio, fund factsheets, product highlight sheets. From the Compare Funds Selector, you can then choose to chart selected funds for a graphical comparison which you can present to your clients.