Registered Investment Adviser

Making the Difference: As a Registered Investment Adviser (RIA), you have decided to become a fiduciary and committed to look after your client's best interests every day. In an industry that is dominated by the traditional broker culture, it takes expertise, dedication, and an innovative spirit to deliver an exceptional client experience.

At iFAST, we have built our business on serving the needs of RIAs and advancing an industry that helps you and your clients thrive. We understand your needs, and work with you to provide the necessary support to help you manage your firm and meet your goals. You make a difference in your client's lives. We strive to make a difference in yours. Together, we are the difference!

Supporting the Trusted Adviser: We put advisers at the center of everything we do. We work to understand your business, learn what you want to accomplish, and help you achieve your goals. We pushed the industry to give RIAs access to direct plans, we are the first online platform to make direct plans available to RIAs and we created the first wrap account that enables auto fee collection on funds and equities assets seamlessly. We know that a platform of products, services and tools is just a starting point for success. Equally important is the deep expertise and commitment of our teams to give you unrivalled service and attention.

Powering Your Business: Draw on the unique insights and solutions we've gleaned from the global wealth advisers from Singapore, Hong Kong, the US, Switzerland and the UK. We understand the challenges of your business. We bring you best practices from firms across many developed jurisdictions to help you become market leaders.