Technology & Support

We take care of your needs, so you can take care of your client's needs.

24/7 Online Administration

To do your job as a professional adviser, being able to craft holistic asset allocation and select the best investment products from a wide range is only half the story. You need to also be able to execute your plan easily, monitor the portfolio performance and take swift action to rebalance when market conditions change. This is the competitive advantage that you can gain by being on our platform. The back-end work is handled by us so that you can keep your focus on growing your business.

What this means for you:

  • Spend less time on unnecessary paperwork and more time formulating the right portfolio for your clients
  • Have an overall picture of your client's assets, make recommendations and execute them for your clients on a holistic level
  • Initiate fund switches to any other funds on our platform to take advantage of growth opportunities whenever they arise or in the event of adverse market conditions, switch to more stable funds


Our technology makes investment management hassle free and compliant.

What we provide you with is:

  • An award-winning platform with advanced technological tools to help you in every advisory stage from research, execution, reporting, monitoring and rebalancing
  • Round the clock access to the latest valuations of your client's holdings
  • Create and execute transactions electronically. This means your clients can approve transaction any time, any day and from anywhere in the world
  • Create and execute multiple transactions for many clients easily with the mass transaction tool
  • Automated straight-through portfolio rebalancing process that you can do for single or multiple portfolios with just a few clicks


The financial advisory business is shaped largely by regulations globally. Our technology and processes help to enhance the compliance required. Robust checks and balances have been put in place to ensure that all applicable rules and regulations are adhered to in the entire cycle of account opening, information collection, analysis, recommendations and execution of transactions.

Seamless Migration

As an IFA or RIA, you can harness the benefits of our platform by integrating your existing client holdings through our seamless asset migration service and immediately turn your offline business online. Our Business Development Managers will personally assist you at every step of the migration and will guide you in the whole integration process.

Innovative Payment Methods

We have multiple payment methods that make transactions quick and easy for your clients. These include:

  • Flexi SIP: A client can set a flexible upper limit for making transactions on the platform. He can alter his monthly investment amount, and the number and types of funds he invests in, to suit his affordability and convenience.
  • One Time Mandate: Once a client registers for a One Time Mandate (OTM), he doesn't need to make any online payments while transacting on our platform. The client's bank will directly deduct the requisite amount from his account. He just has to set an upper limit on the amount to be deducted from his bank account.