The value of professional advice

A financial plan for you and your family requires quality decision making after careful analysis of investment opportunities founded on as much information, expertise and experience as possible.

In order to ensure a secure and comfortable future, it is important to clearly identify your financial goals and adopt adequate steps towards wealth creation. Essential steps include the ability to assess your financial history, evaluate tax implications, understand risk appetite, portfolio tracking and improve investment returns. The role of an adviser is to assist you in tailoring an appropriate plan for you and your family.

With the enormous amount of information that can be easily found, it has now become more feasible for individuals to independently manage your finances. However, making quality financial decisions requires both an ample commitment to learn and research, coupled with a great dose of discipline. And even though the Internet provides a rich source of information, the sheer amount of information available can be overwhelming for a layperson. It also takes a certain level of financial knowledge to make sense of the industry jargons, terminologies, concepts and methodologies. Sometimes excessive data can leave an investor beleaguered and confused.

Whether you are planning for early retirement, saving up for your children's university fees or aiming to ensure that your family and you are adequately protected, rest assured that there are trained professionals like your adviser who have served many others with the same concerns and who will:
  • Objectively assess your financial circumstances
  • Advise you on how to achieve your lifestyle goals
  • Help your money grow for the future
  • Ensure that your family and you are adequately protected
Our role at iFAST is to provide the training, support, service, tools and system to help your adviser in their task so they can help you achieve your financial goals.